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About Us

Who We Are

The idea of Car Alchemist started from couple of school parents casual chats about cars and sharing our experiences from using various car care products on our cars. 

We enjoy getting our cars clean and shiny and are always researching and buying good car care products to make our car maintenance easier and to protect the car paint work.  We have probably tried many brands and various types of products available on the market over the years.  Some worked well but either a bit too expensive or were just ordinary.  While the easiest way is to get our cars detailed by detailing shops, the costs are really high due to the labour costs.  
We decide to take things into our own hands and explore the possibility of creating a line of products that we would love to use and share them with other DIY enthusiasts who are probably like us.  We believe great products need to work effectively, easy to use and reasonably priced.  Working collaboratively with a reputable partner who is innovative and who share our visions, we developed a series of essential car wash products and expanding further to car coatings essentially creating an end-to-end solution.  All our products have been formulated to provide the professional quality but with an ease of use.  Thus, by doing it yourself, you will no longer need to send your car to the detailers. 

Car Alchemist, Effective, Efficient and Economical

Our goal in Car Alchemist is to offer excellent quality products at an affordable price.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to set an industry standard for customer service, knowledgeable advice and superior quality product.

We aim to provide a one-stop shop through the products we carry.  Our selection of products is stringent and we work with our partners to deliver a complete set of car products that would help any DIY individuals to maintain their car/s with minimal effort and obtaining the maximum results. 

Free shipping

Free shipping on orders over AUD $75. Working with best couriers in the business, we strive to deliver our fantastic products to your door quickly.

Competitive Pricing

Your orders are directly supplied from Car Alchemist. No middlemen enable the best price. Our products are used by car detailing professionals and car owners.

Secure Payments

We respect your privacy. We team up with payment services that enable platforms and to safely conduct online payment transactions. We are very serious committed to providing quality services to you.

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