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  • An essential tool for tyre dressage.  No more greasy hands after each application!  Guaranteed you would love this! The tyre gel applicator has an ergonomically designed handle and is easy to apply without sticking.  The red sponge is imported from Japan and is tough and elastic. It does not absorb too much tyre gel (i.e you need to use less of the gel) and are durable.

    Tyre Gel Applicator

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  • This is probably one of the best wheel brushes that we had been continuously making improvement. 

    Made with a durable soft-touch handle and anti-splash back protector, this brush is chemical resistant, offers the ability to get into hard-to-reach areas and suits both enthusiasts and professionals that are as pedantic about cleaning wheels as paintwork. The stem is plastic coated so that it will not scratch wheels should it come into contact and yet flexible to allow it to be bent in order to get to the rear of the wheel spokes.  The black and red bristles will compact down to fit between brake calipers and rims.

    Suitable for all wheel types including after-market wheels (e.g alloys, gloss or matte finishes).

    Wheel Brush

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