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  • A slightly longer length of the 4” Olima Foam Applicator Pad, this 5” applicator is just as easy to use, strong and flexible.  Made with quality soft poly form, the applicator is designed to withstand multiple uses and machine washable.

    When looking at a wax, sealant, etc. You want these applied correctly to ensure the best and complete protection whilst providing outstanding desired results.  Thus this foam pad is the perfect choice to accompany the product and/or technique used.

    Alway make sure not to overuse the foam pad.  Always ensure proper cleaning methods are undertaken to ensure the quality and life-span of this product.


  • The chemical resistant trigger allows for easy on/off control of spray top and provide good coverage when dispensing product.

  • Detailing Clay has been traditionally used by car manufacturers and panel shops to remove contamination that cannot be removed during the normal cleaning process. 

    OLIMA Clay Bar can be applied to gently and easily decontaminate paintwork from tree sap, bug residue, road tar, brake dust and other contaminants.  OLIMA Clay Bar is non-abrasive, fine grade and suitable for all paint finishes.   It will safely and gently remove residues from paint surfaces without causing damage to the paint.

    Always use a clay bar with a quality clay lubricant like OLIMA Clay Lubricant to protect your paint.

    The claying process  is usually recommended prior to polishing or waxing/protecting your paintwork.

    Size: 100g


    Clay Bar 100g

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  • An innovative product combining Clay bar and Microfibre, the Clay Microfibre Wipe can efficiently remove any surface particles (e.g iron powder, paint particles, oxides, etc) without the use of any abrasive materials or crude wax to achieve a smooth finish effect.

    The Clay Microfibre Wipe allows the same effect of claying your vehicle or glass but is able to reach a bigger surface area than when using a clay bar and a faster claying process.

    The wipes can also be rinsed if you drop them accidentally during the decontamination process which cannot be done with a clay bar. 

    The Clay Wipe is ideal for professional detailers and enthusiasts who maintain several cars as the time saved doing this important step is critical. If the surface is not cleansed properly during the paint decontamination process, polishes cannot be as effective and your wax, sealant or coating won’t fully bond to the surfaces.

    Size: 33 * 31 cm


    Clay MicroFibre Wipe

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  • The OLIMA Foam Applicator Block is designed to be used with OLIMA’s Coating Suede Cloth during the application of coatings from Car Alchemist Coating range. The foam block, which is the same that is included in the Coating kit, has been designed so that the Coating suede cloth wraps around the block to provide an easy and smooth application of the coating.

    Each block measurement are: 9cm x 4cm x 2.5cm


  • A great scrub cleaning block that can be used with OLIMA Glass Polish  to effectively remove oil and tar that built up on the glass surfaces.  Once completed,  apply our Car Alchemist Glass Coating to achieve a long term repellent against oil and enjoy a clear vision.

    Size: 9cm x 4cm x 3cm