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  • The Car Alchemist All Purpose Interior Cleaner (APIC) uses a neutral pH7.0 mild cleaner.  

    APIC removes dirt or stains effectively and safely on interior trim parts and leather seating.  The result is sensational due to the active foaming agent that breaks down stains and grease.


  • Car Alchemist Tar and Bug Eliminator is an easy to use pre-wash product that has been specially developed for the safe and gentle removal of most stubborn tar and glue residue as well as insects and grime.

    Dissolve and ensures a safe and scratch-free wash afterwards. Applied and rinse with an effective pressure washer will remove most of the visible contamination.


    Bug and Tar Eliminator

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  • Car Alchemist Car shampoo and Foam is a very concentrated pH Neutral Car Wash that is safe to use on all types of paint surfaces on your vehicles.  With its nice perfume scent, it will take the whole washing experience to the next level.

    This specially formulated 2 in 1 bottle can either be used as a foam for pre wash or simply dilute as a car shampoo. Hence you no longer need to have seperate bottles for car shampoo and for foam wash!  


    Car Shampoo and Foam

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  • Designed for the needs of enthusiasts and professional detailers to effectively remove and dissolve brake dust, rail dust and other iron particles upon contact using a neutralized acid salt ingredient. 

    This reduces iron particles into a soluble form, resulting in a safe way to remove brake dust and iron fallouts from wheel and other surfaces with little or no agitation required.  Rinse off easily with water or high pressure water system.



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  • OLIMA newest interior cleaner in mousse foam, pH 7.0 formula that safely removes all stains from plastic, leather and green material-made interior surfaces. This ultra-creamy foam is nothing like in the market giving clean interior trim with next-level sensation as well as Eco-friendly and toxic-free.
    Get that just-waxed, super glossy and shiny look with the least effort.


  • Extreme slickness which reduces friction from claying.
    Once applied, it provides great lubrication for claying your car.

    The lubricant allows the Clay Bar to glide across the surface safely and effortlessly and most critically,  it acts as a slip agent to enhance your clay bar performance while reducing marring during the Claying process.  The lubricant also allows the clay to absorb the contaminant particles that was stuck on surfaces and removing them safely.


  • Effectively removes all streaks, spots, and greasy stains, leaving nothing behind.
    Brings back the original shine and transparency of all glass surfaces.
    Use it to remove oil residue, dirt and other marks on glass easily and safely. Leaving a nice and streak-free finish.
    No more Wiper chattering, streaking and squeaking.


    OLIMA Glass Polish

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  • Very versatile uses in one bottle.
    Use it as laundry detergent to deep clean the wax and grease off microfibre cloth, reset cloth to new, which normal clothing detergent can not give complete degreasing from wax and polish residue.
    Dilute with water becomes APC, great for engine bay cleaning and oil degreasing. Even can be applied to get rid off the old wax residue on the paintwork.

    OLIMA Oil Demon

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  • Blends with the natural cleansing power of citrus extracts and synthetic foaming agents to gently break down and wash away the dirt and grime.

    Car Alchemist Wheel and Tyres Cleanser is pH neutral so it is very safe to be used on all types of wheels including clear coated, painted and highly polished.


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