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  • One of our best sellers and innovative products.  Antibacterial, deodorize and cooling.

    This 3 in 1 antibacterial deodoriser can effectively cool the temperature inside the car as well as providing excellent deodorisation effect and effective antibacterial properties (SGS actual test).

    Instead of using high-pressure aluminium bottles, we designed this so that we can replenish the content when empty hence it is more environmentally friendly.

    To achieve a faster cooling speed, the product can be kept in a refrigerator first and spray when needed if the car needs to be cooled down quickly. 


    250 ml


  • CA Marque Wax is specially formulated to suit Australian harsh weather conditions.  Because of its properties,  CA Marque Wax not only give a deep gloss shine as well as an ultra beading effect. Easy application with streak-free result and with a nice fragrance!


    Marque Wax

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  • Cleaner Wax is a hybrid wax that removes light swirls, stains and imperfections to quickly restore the original beauty to any car in one step.  A very effective product to clean & wax at the same time. 

    It effectively removes shallow water spots, scratches or protects from the harsh sun. Instant brilliant shine is created after use.

    If a scratch is just on the very surface of your car’s paint work, it can likely be buffed out fairly easily with an already damped microfiber cloth and some cleaner wax.


  • A very easy to use DIY Headlight Restoration Set to get rid of headlight hazing without the need of a powered tool.

    Headlight restoration reduces the atomisation and yellowing of headlight surface.

    Dull surfaces on the headlights make any car look very old.  However, once the headlights are restored, the result is immediate as the overall appearance of the car is improved.


  • High Gloss Tyre Gel restores and protects vinyl, rubber and plastic car parts with a brand new look with a bold and brilliant wet shine. 

    Offer durable protection against damaging UVA and UVB rays.

    500 ml

  • Cost Effective Standard wax for all paintwork types. Compatible with all colours. Streak-free gloss and enhances the paintwork surface with beading effect. It can be directly applied after washing the car without wiping dry the surface. It is recommended to use it once every 40~60 days.



  • Fast and easy application, providing a very strong water repellent effect.  This can be applied as a booster after Car Alchemist coatings or simply use as a quick detailer.


  • Efficiently bring back the black shiny look from whitened plastic trim parts.

    Strong and long-term durability / Lasts 90-150 days

    Waterproof waxed effect after application.


  • Minimize those annoying little chips and cracks in your windscreen and stop them from spreading with Rain-X Windscreen Repair Kit.
    With the advanced resin formula, this repair kit is easy to use and good for multi-repairs on all types of laminated windscreens.

  • CA Supreme Spray Coating is an innovative spray coating that can elevate any vehicle’s shine, smoothness and water resistance to an extravagant level.  CA Supreme Spray Coating contains special static reducing agents and advanced nano coating formula that assist in preventing dirt and dust from sticking to the paint over time and helps to keep the car cleaner for longer period.   This specially formulated coating also contains gloss enhancers and UV blockers that deliver a bright crisp shine with the deep reflection that protects the paint from sun damage and fading.

    CA Supreme Spray Coating can be applied to either a wet or dry vehicle to add extra protection over current polish or wax/sealant, coating or even on its own.


    Supreme Spray Coating

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  • Seeks its way through the surface and nourishes both natural leather hides and synthetic materials.  Applicable for Vinyl and other upholstery materials.

    Prevents interior car parts from drying out, cracking and fading from the wear and tear through regular use. 

    Replenishes essential nutrients that are regularly depleted by harsh elements, especially exposure to sun.

    Regular use keeps the interior space looking clean, feeling silky smooth,  soft and supple to resist cracking and breaking prematurely.

    Effective in deodorizing pungent smells eg. smoke, liquor and leaves behind only the pleasant scent of premium leather.