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  • A slightly longer length of the 4” Olima Foam Applicator Pad, this 5” applicator is just as easy to use, strong and flexible.  Made with quality soft poly form, the applicator is designed to withstand multiple uses and machine washable.

    When looking at a wax, sealant, etc. You want these applied correctly to ensure the best and complete protection whilst providing outstanding desired results.  Thus this foam pad is the perfect choice to accompany the product and/or technique used.

    Alway make sure not to overuse the foam pad.  Always ensure proper cleaning methods are undertaken to ensure the quality and life-span of this product.


  • The chemical resistant trigger allows for easy on/off control of spray top and provide good coverage when dispensing product.

  • Detailing Clay has been traditionally used by car manufacturers and panel shops to remove contamination that cannot be removed during the normal cleaning process. 

    OLIMA Clay Bar can be applied to gently and easily decontaminate paintwork from tree sap, bug residue, road tar, brake dust and other contaminants.  OLIMA Clay Bar is non-abrasive, fine grade and suitable for all paint finishes.   It will safely and gently remove residues from paint surfaces without causing damage to the paint.

    Always use a clay bar with a quality clay lubricant like OLIMA Clay Lubricant to protect your paint.

    The claying process  is usually recommended prior to polishing or waxing/protecting your paintwork.

    Size: 100g


    Clay Bar 100g

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  • An innovative product combining Clay bar and Microfibre, the Clay Microfibre Wipe can efficiently remove any surface particles (e.g iron powder, paint particles, oxides, etc) without the use of any abrasive materials or crude wax to achieve a smooth finish effect.

    The Clay Microfibre Wipe allows the same effect of claying your vehicle or glass but is able to reach a bigger surface area than when using a clay bar and a faster claying process.

    The wipes can also be rinsed if you drop them accidentally during the decontamination process which cannot be done with a clay bar. 

    The Clay Wipe is ideal for professional detailers and enthusiasts who maintain several cars as the time saved doing this important step is critical. If the surface is not cleansed properly during the paint decontamination process, polishes cannot be as effective and your wax, sealant or coating won’t fully bond to the surfaces.

    Size: 33 * 31 cm


    Clay MicroFibre Wipe

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  • The OLIMA Foam Applicator Block is designed to be used with OLIMA’s Coating Suede Cloth during the application of coatings from Car Alchemist Coating range. The foam block, which is the same that is included in the Coating kit, has been designed so that the Coating suede cloth wraps around the block to provide an easy and smooth application of the coating.

    Each block measurement are: 9cm x 4cm x 2.5cm


  • OLIMA Coating Suede Cloths (10cm x 10cm) are suitable for use when it comes to applying coatings. 

    As the soft cloths have edgeless finish, they provide a smooth movement on the surface and minimizes the risk of uneven application.

    When using any coating, it is recommended  to use a suede cloth as there is no texture to the towel and this helps in preventing any additional marring during the application stage versus using a long pile cloth.

    Pack of 10 cloths.


  • Designed for detailing work around badges, trim pieces and delicate areas such as air outlets, chair gap, wheel frame, gear surrounds etc. 

    The OLIMA Detailing Brush Kit is the perfect kit for these activities and it comprises of 5 brushes in a range of sizes:
    No. 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18.

    We develop the mould by itself (ie the method of planting hair) and use high quality engineering plastic handle that is more resistant to moisture deformation, more durable,  ergonomic and will not mark surfaces on your car. The brushes are strong enough to be used with Car Alchemist Wheel and Tyres Cleanser as well as Car Alchemist Car Shampoo and Foam.

    The nylon coated brush are soft and not easy to cause brush marks. The bristles are also acid and alkaline resistant.  Comes in various sizes of bristles that can be used in wheel frames and door seams. Definitely a must have Brush Kit for any detailing professionals and enthusiasts.

    Detailing Brush Set

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  • This is another value-for-money microfiber cloth (70mm by 30mm) and have an edge seal so that there is no chance of scratching.

    Great size to have for applying products to interiors, cleaning trims, leather car seats and for buffing off residue after polishing.  This Microfibre Cloth is also suited to remove ceramic coatings without risk of marring or leaving residue product on the paintwork.

    Microfiber cloths are essential because they are safer than cotton or terry towels and guarantee excellent results.

    *Please note: We offer a price of 3, 5 or 10 pieces of VALUE bundle – a discount of 25% or more for you.

  • This is a good value Microfibre cloth that is soft and have sealed edges so there is no chance of scratching. 

    Great size to have for applying products to interiors, cleaning trims, leather car seats and for buffing off residue after polishing.  This Microfibre Cloth is also suited to remove ceramic coatings without risk of marring or leaving residue product on the paintwork.

    Microfibre cloths are a must have as they are safer than cotton cloth or terry towels and guarantee excellent results.

    * Please note:  we offer VALUE bundles of 3, 5 or 10 cloths – at a discounted price saving you over 5% or more. 


  • The OLIMA Everyday Quick Dryer is a waffle weave car drying towel. Made with thick premium-quality microfibre, this dryer is plush and is super soft with edges that are finished with a sealed seam ensuring it will not scratch your car. 

    Due to its ‘’waffle weave’ structure of the microfibre, this car drying towel will soak up water easily, making drying your car simple and safe.  The Everyday Quick Dryer is also perfect and safe to use on all matte vinyl and matte factory finished vehicles.

    The Everyday Quick Dryer is double sided with one side  with long hair and the other short hair.

    Long hair side allows the towel to glide over surface of the vehicle whilst illustrating high levels of water absorbency while the short side caters to final finishing eg removal of wax or quick detailing. 

  • OLIMA Premium Dual Face Polish Wipe Cloth is the ultimate microfibre cloth for that final finishing.

    As the name suggests, the Premium Dual Face Cloth is double sided and is super plush with the edges that are finished with a sealed seam ensuring it will not scratch your car. 

    At 40*30cm, this cloth is very soft and have a very thick and dense pile (in excess of 800 GSM), making them perfect for final finishing, final removal of wax or quick detailing. 

    When used with premium products, these microfibre cloths will give a fantastic finish to your paint work, making all processes seems easy and very satisfying!


  • An essential tool for tyre dressage.  No more greasy hands after each application!  Guaranteed you would love this! The tyre gel applicator has an ergonomically designed handle and is easy to apply without sticking.  The red sponge is imported from Japan and is tough and elastic. It does not absorb too much tyre gel (i.e you need to use less of the gel) and are durable.

    Tyre Gel Applicator

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  • This smooth Microfibre Glass Cloth is designed for glass cleaning leaving it streak free.  Either use with a glass cleaner or just with water. 

    Excellent to keep in handy in the car for cleaning windscreen.  Great for all glass inside and outside or just for mirrors. Can be washed and reused many times.

    We recommend combining a microfibre cloth to clean your glass and finishes with this glass microfibre cloth to remove any residue product, streaking or hazing that maybe left.


  • The white long hair style washing mitt is effective for washing large car surface area.  Due to the longer hair mitt, any gap in the car surface can be cleaned more deeply and when used with foam, it is also more effective in lifting dirt without marring or leaving wash swirls on your vehicle paintwork.

    Size: L 280mm x W 320mm x Thickness 90mm

    Material: Synthetic velvet material


    Washing Long Mitt

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  • The OLIMA Microfibre  Wash Mitt is a synthetic fibre super-soft wash mitt that offers an incredibly gentle but thorough clean for your car. 

    The synthetic microfibre allows the mitt to glide smoothly across paint surfaces collecting dirt particles safely without marring or leaving wash swirls on your vehicle paintwork.


  • This is probably one of the best wheel brushes that we had been continuously making improvement. 

    Made with a durable soft-touch handle and anti-splash back protector, this brush is chemical resistant, offers the ability to get into hard-to-reach areas and suits both enthusiasts and professionals that are as pedantic about cleaning wheels as paintwork. The stem is plastic coated so that it will not scratch wheels should it come into contact and yet flexible to allow it to be bent in order to get to the rear of the wheel spokes.  The black and red bristles will compact down to fit between brake calipers and rims.

    Suitable for all wheel types including after-market wheels (e.g alloys, gloss or matte finishes).

    Wheel Brush

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