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Protect stage

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  • Strong protective nano ceramic coating prevent deterioration caused by sun, smog, ozone, water, chemicals and airborne contaminants. This transparent hardened shield provides long-lasting protection against UV damage and water beading effect on unpainted exterior plastic trims.


    Exterior Trim Coating

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  • Car Alchemist Glass Coating is a MUST have for anyone who is pedantic about vision and even more so when driving in the most adverse weather conditions.

    This long-term water repellent (and dirt/oil etc) coating will improve either visibility as well as safety in wet weather.


    Glass Coating

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  • Perfect protection and dirt repellent for leather trims.


    Interior Trim Coating

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  • Sensational nano ceramic coating creates water beading effect with 120 degrees water contact angle as top coat which has amazing hydrophobic properties due to it makes surface fluorinated and achieving water droplets with dirt and contamination do not stain on the paintworks.  Best to apply straight after Titanium Shield to give complete protection for the car.


    Mercury Bead

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  • CA PREP is a safe and effective pre-coating degreaser that prepares paint, wheels or glass before application of any protective product.  

    CA PREP helps lift oils and residue that can be left behind after polishing to prepare the paint surface for the protection stage.   Hence it is important that before application of any sealant, wax or coating to the paint work, ensure the surfaces are clean and free from contamination, old waxes and polishes.  This crucial step allows the correct bonding to ensure the durability or protection stated.

    In addition, CA PREP creates an anti-static surface which is very beneficial when you are applying coatings and protection to your car.



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  • CA Rim Coating is a ceramic protective wheel coating (SiO2) that has been specially formulated to withstand extreme high temperature.  CA Rim Coating repels dirt, water and contaminants (for instance brake dust or iron particles) from adhering to the wheels’ surface thus making maintenance more effortless.  Hence, wheels can simply be cleaned through the use of a high-pressure hose alone, and in most cases without the need for agitation or the use of a dedicated wheel cleaner.

    CA Rim Coating is ideal for protecting your wheels, brake calipers or even exhaust tips.


    Rim Coating

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  • The ultimate nano ceramic paint protection coating provides a glossy shine and super slick finishing.  The ceramic molecular matrix structure offers an excellent resistance to scratches and chemicals.  Once applied, the car gets a thicken top coat which provides an extra armour that last 540 to 720 days.

    Great base coat for Mercury Bead to complete best paint protection on the market.


    Titanium Shield

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