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Car Shampoo and Foam

(5 customer reviews)


Car Alchemist Car shampoo and Foam is a very concentrated pH Neutral Car Wash that is safe to use on all types of paint surfaces on your vehicles.  With its nice perfume scent, it will take the whole washing experience to the next level.

This specially formulated 2 in 1 bottle can either be used as a foam for pre wash or simply dilute as a car shampoo. Hence you no longer need to have seperate bottles for car shampoo and for foam wash!  


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For Shampoo wash, dilute Car Alchemist Car Shampoo and Foam using an average proportion of 20-30 ml agent to 10L-12L of water.  As a good practice, always use the 2-bucket method for car wash and a good wash mitt like Olima Wash Mitt to avoid damaging the paintwork during the wash process.

For Foam Wash, pre-rinse the vehicle.  Pour about 100ml into a 1L  Foam Lance spray bottle, spray the thick foam and allow the foam to work its way to repel loose dirt and grime. Rinse off using a strong pressurized water.

When using Foam Wash as a pre-wash, proceed to wash the car via the 2-bucket method for an even lesser chance of inducing swirls and wash marks.

Pre Wash Foam ensures a highly effective first step in the cleaning process.  By sticking to the dirty areas from the heavy foam, the Wash Foam lifts the dirt and grime thus decreasing the chances of damaging to the the paintwork.

For well protected and regularly maintained vehicles, the Foam Wash can also be used a touch-less wash with a simple “foam-dwell-rinse” process.

Use a soft Everyday Quick Dryer Towel to dry vehicle.

  • Shake bottle well. 
  • Always wash car when cool and not in direct sunlight.



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Dimensions 60 × 60 × 222 mm

5 reviews for Car Shampoo and Foam

  1. Rob L.

    Wow! So easy to use and smell good too! Really like it.

  2. Ken Pham

    Have been putting off this review for a while now. Need to give the shampoo the credit it is due! I have used many other products before and this one really stands out!

  3. Tiffany Yong

    smell so good! the foam is so lushed? cleans well. thank you.

  4. Nick Galanos

    Awesome product. Foams on super well. Very thick foaming and they cling to the surfaces. Can see that the foam slowly pull all the contaminants down. So fun to see.. love washing my car.

  5. Jef K

    Pretty awesome
    I achieved good results, even better than some branded ones I’ve used in the past. Money well spent !!! Try it out guy

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