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OLIMA Headlight Restoration


A very easy to use DIY Headlight Restoration Set to get rid of headlight hazing without the need of a powered tool.

Headlight restoration reduces the atomisation and yellowing of headlight surface.

Dull surfaces on the headlights make any car look very old.  However, once the headlights are restored, the result is immediate as the overall appearance of the car is improved.


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Wash headlight surfaces first and dry the surfaces with a clean cloth.

Using the cloth provided in the restoration kit, allocating a section of the cloth, apply “Agent A” and wipe it back and forth onto the headlight housing to remove the atomisation on the surfaces.   Once done, use another clean section of the cloth to apply “Agent B” and repeat the same way to polish and brighten the surfaces.

The “Agent A” can also be applied onto a windscreen cleaning applicator  to scrub the headlight surfaces to speed up the restoration process. Once done, this can be followed by applying “Agent B” onto the cloth to polish and brighten the surfaces.

Both agents can be used with a polishing machine for better effect.


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