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Wheels and Tyre Care Kit


This is an excellent kit to help keep your tyres looking great and keeping your rims clean.  The Wheel and Tyre Care kit consists of CA Wheel and Tyres Cleanser, CA Deironiser, CA Rim Coating, CA PREP and 5 pieces of 30*30 Everyday MicroFiber Wipe.

This Wheel and Tyre Care kit is an excellent choice to make wheel care easier and more effective than ever before. Great to use for any fussy car enthusiast or as an ideal gift.

Through the use of CA Deironiser and Wheel and Tyre Cleanser, your wheel and rims can be cleaned effortlessly. Iron, graphite and dirt will be chemically broken down and easily rinsed off.  If heavy contamination is present, then the Wheel Brush will come in handy to get into those hard to reach areas thus ensuring all dirt is removed from the rim.

Once done,  use CA PREP to prepare the rim for coating.  This step is an important process because prior to any application of coating to the rim, it is important that the rim is squeaky clean and free from contamination to allow the correct bonding and provide the durability or protection stated.

After the above is completed, it’s time to start applying CA Rim Coating.  CA Rim Coating is a highly advanced quartz coating that has been specially formulated to withstand extreme high temperatures (up to 800°C) and strong wheel cleaning chemicals, thus making it ideal to protect your wheels, brake calipers and even exhaust tips.



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