Windscreen Deep Cleaning And Protect Kit


We found most customers spent too much time on their car paintwork but often neglected their windscreen. A clean windscreen and windows is not only important to the overall look of your car, but is also essential for your safety. So make sure you keep yours crystal clear – and most importantly safe.

Thus we recommend using the Windscreen Deep Cleaning and Protect Kit for this purpose.  Firstly, use the OLIMA Glass Polish to remove all the streaks, spots, and greasy stains.

Once done, use CA PREP to prepare the windscreen and glass before using CA Glass Coating.  This is because prior to any application of coating to windscreen/glass, it is important that the windscreen/glass is squeaky clean and free from contamination to allow the correct bonding and provide the durability or protection stated.

After the above preparation, you can now apply CA Glass Coating.  Upon completion, you will achieved that water (also dirt/oil) repelling ability for your windscreen/glass thus improving your visibility as well as safety in adverse condition.


2 reviews for Windscreen Deep Cleaning And Protect Kit

  1. Charlie Wade

    Good recommendation. Very pleased with the results.

  2. Douglas H

    Excellent products. Easy to use. Will buy again.

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