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Clay MicroFibre Wipe


An innovative product combining Clay bar and Microfibre, the Clay Microfibre Wipe can efficiently remove any surface particles (e.g iron powder, paint particles, oxides, etc) without the use of any abrasive materials or crude wax to achieve a smooth finish effect.

The Clay Microfibre Wipe allows the same effect of claying your vehicle or glass but is able to reach a bigger surface area than when using a clay bar and a faster claying process.

The wipes can also be rinsed if you drop them accidentally during the decontamination process which cannot be done with a clay bar. 

The Clay Wipe is ideal for professional detailers and enthusiasts who maintain several cars as the time saved doing this important step is critical. If the surface is not cleansed properly during the paint decontamination process, polishes cannot be as effective and your wax, sealant or coating won’t fully bond to the surfaces.

Size: 33 * 31 cm


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Wash the car with Car Shampoo and Foam by Car Alchemist to remove any surface dirt. 

Use Clay MicroFibre Wipe like a wiping cloth after applying OLIMA clay lubricant or using the foam wash as a lubricant medium. 

Once done, rinse vehicle with water and wipe dry with a clean Microfibre cloth.

If the surface is still dirty after using the clay cloth several times, please replace clay cloth with a new one.  Continue usage might result in scratches on the paint surface.


Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 400 × 400 × 1 mm

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