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OLIMA Clay Bar Lubricant


Extreme slickness which reduces friction from claying.
Once applied, it provides great lubrication for claying your car.

The lubricant allows the Clay Bar to glide across the surface safely and effortlessly and most critically,  it acts as a slip agent to enhance your clay bar performance while reducing marring during the Claying process.  The lubricant also allows the clay to absorb the contaminant particles that was stuck on surfaces and removing them safely.


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Wash your car thoroughly.
Spray OLIMA Clay Bar Lubricant on the area you will be working on, and follow with OLIMA Clay Block lightly over the area.
Like using playdough, fold and mould the Clay over to ensure you are using a clean surface of the clay bar itself.
If you accidentally drop your Clay Block, do not attempt to use it.  Please throw it away as it will pick up and hold dirt that will scratch your paintwork!

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 222 mm


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